Top 10 Motorcycle Routes in the United States Selected by blog: Top 10 Motorcycle Routes in the United States Selected by

When you are a motorcycle owner, there is nothing more frustrating than having nowhere exciting to take your motorcycle for a ride. You want to ride your motorcycle, not have it collect dust in your garage stall. If you live in a region with poor weather or traffic conditions, it may be less convenient to take your bike out for a spin than motorcyclists who live in other cities. Fortunately, many parts of the U.S. are perfect for motorcyclists whether you are looking to take your motorcycle cross-country or you are looking for a shorter day trip. To discover the top motorcycle routes in the U.S., look at the useful information gathered by the expert team at

Tail of the Dragon

As the name suggests, North Carolina’s Tail of the Dragon is full of twists, turns and curves to get your adrenaline pumping. As America’s top road for motorcycles and sports cars, the Tail of the Dragon features 318 curves in just eleven miles. The team at recommends stopping along the way to pay tribute to the Tree of Shame, which honors the motorcyclists who have crashed their bikes while riding the Tail of the Dragon.

Blue Ridge Parkway

As America’s favorite drive, Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway gives riders a glimpse of U.S. history and countryside scenery. Connected to the Skyline Drive and Shenandoah National Park, the Blue Ridge Parkway has no shortage of things to see or do. Additionally, the Blue Ridge Parkway offers picnic, lodging and camping sites as well as scenic overlooks for giving you an opportunity to stop and stretch or take in the view. As a bonus, the Blue Ridge Parkway’s 45-mph speed limit allows motorcyclists to travel the road slowly and safely.

Tunnel of Trees Road

As the name suggests, motorcyclists who travel through Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees Road will experience forest views with glimpses of the Lake Michigan shoreline. For the best Tunnel of Trees experience, travel the route during the fall months for an incredible view of the foliage changing colors.

Cherohala Skyway

Tennessee’s adventurous Cherohala Skyway is between Knoxville and Chattanooga, providing riders with outstanding views and beautiful scenery. However, the route is quite dangerous in the evening and during the winter months, which may be even more alluring to daring motorcyclists.

The Three Sisters

Take the 131-mile Texas journey down Three Sisters (or The Twisted Sisters), which begins in Medina and takes you alongside rivers, mountain-like curves and the Nueces River. Stop along the way to do some fishing for Rio Grande perch, redbreast sunfish or smallmouth bass.

Needles Highway

With a name like Needles Highway, you can expect to see stunning greenery and scenery and South Dakota’s Needles Highway does not disappoint. The team at recommends slowing down for the ride and appreciating the scenic views. Plus, you will want to watch out for bison and other wildlife.

Beartooth Pass

Wyoming’s Beartooth Pass is full of adventure, featuring many vicissitudes. If you are looking for a challenging ride, the team at recommends checking out Beartooth Pass. However, you should prepare to take in the incredible mountain, forest and river views without the safety of guardrail protection.

The George Washington Highway

If you are looking for scenery, rivers, mountains and plenty of twists and turns, the team at highly recommends traveling along Route 50 for West Virginia’s George Washington Highway. You will ride through the beautiful Cathedral State Park and Monongahela National Forest. Once you finish the route you will have the opportunity to continue your ride by taking the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive.

San Juan Mountain Skyway

Colorado’s spectacular San Juan Mountain Skyway is a loop, so motorcyclist can ride in either direction. Plus, the route features views of the Rocky Mountains, forests, ski resorts, national parks and historic mining towns.

Arkansas Pig Trail

As one of the best motorcycle rides in the state, the Arkansas Pig Trail is full of zigs, zags, history and natural beauty. To experience the Boston Mountains regionof the thrilling Arkansas Ozark Mountains, travel the 19-mile Arkansas Pig Trail during the spring, summer or fall months for the most colors and scenery.