10 Gifts to Get the Biker in Your Life: Recommendations From Motorcycle-Licenses.com

motorcycle-licenses.com blog: 10 Gifts to Get the Biker in Your Life: Recommendations From Motorcycle-Licenses.com

A bike, a helmet, a rider—what more could a motorcycle enthusiast need? Although these basics will get you from one point to another, there are dozens of cool accessories that make for a safer, more comfortable and more memorable motorcycle journey. Keep reading to learn some of the top biker gift ideas recommended by the Motorcycle-Licenses.com experts.

Motorcycle GPS

Some GPS systems meet the needs of motorcycle riders through specific design. They feature motorcycle mounting systems, large icons, screens visible in bright sunlight and Bluetooth technology that connects to in-helmet intercoms. Some GPS types even come with vehicle mounting kits so that you can switch your GPS from car to cycle as needed.

Bluetooth Intercom Set

It is almost impossible to hold a coherent conversation between a rider and passenger while zooming down the highway. A compact intercom system mounts inside your helmet enables you to talk freely no matter how loud your surroundings. The Motorcycle-Licenses.com team suggests looking for sets that can also play music stored on your cell phone for musical accoutrement while riding.

Locking Helmet Holder

Some bikes come with a locking helmet holder, but many do not. It is easy to install a locking helmet holder onto a motorcycle so that riders can enjoy their destinations without having to carry a helmet around or worry that someone will steal it from a parked cycle.

Motorcycle Battery Charger

Because long periods of storage can take a toll on a cycle’s battery, the experts at Motorcycle-Licenses.com recommend having a backup source of power readily available on the road. Choose a battery charger that is lightweight, portable and includes a variety of connectors to use on different types of batteries.

Mini Portable Air Compressor

Another useful item in the cyclist’s tool kit, air compressors now come in sizes smaller than your hand. These tiny but powerful units plug into any wall outlet or vehicle cigarette lighter. Motorcyclists can never be sure when a flat tire may strike, but with a compact tire inflator there is no reason to worry about it.

Hands-free Action Camera

Today’s video cameras are tiny and record amazingly clear HD footage of the places you go. With features such as slow motion capabilities and stabilization settings, these cameras can mount directly onto your bike or helmet. Most cameras offer a variety of optional accessory packs to help you edit and share your adventures online.

Riding Gloves

Although you need to know the rider’s hand size before purchasing, almost every rider will appreciate a gift of fine riding gloves. Holding on to handlebars for hours can cause calluses and other hand discomfort, particularly in inclement weather. The team at Motorcycle-Licenses.com recommends purchasing soft, supple leather gloves to provide a layer of protection as well as warmth on chilly days.

Ear Plugs

Sometimes when riding, the wind and pipe noises become too much. Far from the old chunks of compressible foam, newer earplugs block specific sounds while permitting others. Motorcyclists benefit from ear plugs that drown out engine and wind noise but still let in the sounds of traffic and emergency sirens.

Compact Camping Chair

Although some camping chairs are bulky when folded, certain styles fold up to just over a foot long and weigh less than two pounds. These are ideal for carrying along on a motorcycle and pop up easily for use during a concert or for relaxing at your destination.