Top 5 Most Dangerous States to Ride a Motorcycle According to blog: Top 5 Most Dangerous States to Ride a Motorcycle According to

Motorcycle riders have higher stakes while out on the road and are much more prone to being involved in an accident than people driving cars. U.S. government data released in 2013 showed that for every mile traveled that year, motorcycle-related deaths were 26 times more likely than car-related deaths. In that year alone, there were a total of 4,381 deaths from motorcycle collisions. For this reason, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with your surroundings and consistently practice safe riding habits. To help you ride with extra precaution, the team of experts at has compiled a list of the top five most dangerous states for motorcycle riders.

  1. Indiana

    Indiana currently has an 83 percent motorcycle fatality rate, ranking it as the fifth most dangerous state in which to ride a motorcycle. In 2012, approximately 3,600 motorcycle or moped-related car accidents occurred, which resulted in 118 deaths, 553 incapacitating injuries and 1,944 non-incapacitating injuries. One of the most prevalent causes for motorcycle accidents are blind spots. For this reason, the team at urges drivers to be extra cautious when riding too close to other vehicles on the road. Do not speed and make sure you are easily spotted by drivers.

  2. New Hampshire

    New Hampshire’s fatal motorcycle accident rate is a whopping 86 percent. Between 2014 and 2015, the number of people who died from a motorcycle accident rose by 50 percent. In 2015, 18 percent of all highway deaths in New Hampshire came from motorcycle accidents. Reasons for this may be blamed on riders under the influence. A 2011 New Hampshire report showed that on average, 29 percent of riders have a blood alcohol content of 0.08 or more while riding.

  3. New Mexico

    The state of New Mexico ties with New Hampshire with an 86 percent fatal motorcycle accident rate. In 2014 alone, a total of 44 motorcyclists died in crashes. According to the experts at, most motorcycle accidents involve more than one vehicle.  A vehicle pile-up can be detrimental for a motorcycle rider who is more physically exposed than anyone else, so it is vital to be extra careful when riding on the highway or other populated roadways.

  4. Wisconsin

    In Wisconsin, there is a 91 percent rate of motorcycle-related fatalities. Since 1996, cyclists who are 45 and older experienced the largest increase in the number of fatalities of any age group. In 2013, 43 cyclists in this age group were killed compared to eleven in 1996. The group at asks motorcyclists to follow the rules and guidelines of the road when riding to avoid these sharp increases in death rates.

  5. Iowa

    The number one most dangerous U.S. state to ride a motorcycle in is Iowa. This state currently holds a 94 percent motorcycle fatality rate and the numbers continue to grow. In 2016, a total of 60 people were killed in motorcycle-related crashes, a 20 percent increase from the previous year. Almost every single motorcycle collision has resulted in a fatality in the state of Iowa. Lack of helmets has been a leading cause for motorcycle crashes within the state. To avoid being involved in a tragic collision, the experts at highly advise all riders to always be properly dressed and equipped with a secure helmet while riding. Wearing a helmet can increase a rider’s chance of survival by 29 percent.