Different Motorcycle Backpacks Riders Can Choose From: Suggestions From Motorcycle-Licenses.com

motorcycle-licenses.com blog: Different Motorcycle Backpacks Riders Can Choose From: Suggestions From Motorcycle-Licenses.com

Whether you use your motorcycle for traveling, taking short day trips or daily commuting to work or school, you likely need a backpack to help you carry your safety gear, personal belongings and street clothing. However, with so many different motorcycle backpacks available to choose from, it’s tough to decide on just one backpack style. To discover the various styles and features that riders can choose from, read the below information gathered by the expert team at Motorcycle-Licenses.com and learn about the latest trends in motorcycle backpacks.


Backpacks are by far the most convenient option for carrying your belongings while motorcycling. Backpacks securely strap to your person as you ride your motorcycle, so you can concentrate on driving and the road ahead. If you need a reliable backpack for daily use, the team at Motorcycle-Licenses.com recommends the Icon Squad 3 Backpack ($100), OGIO Clutch Backpack ($55) or the Dainese D-Mach Backpack ($200). If you’re looking for a shoulder sling bag or laptop bag, the Kriega Sling WP Shoulder Bag ($145) or the Oxford Aqua 15C Waterproof Commuter Laptop Bag ($60) are reliable options. Reliable high-visibility backpack options for nighttime riding include the Icon Squad 3 Mil-Spec Backpack ($100) and the Fly Illuminator Street Backpack ($80).

Hydration Backpacks

If you’ll be riding for an extended period and don’t plan to stop for water breaks or snacks, a hydration backpack may be the best choice of backpacks for you. Hydration backpacks allow you to fill the backpack’s water bladder with liquid for hands-free access to fluids. Many hydration backpacks are large enough to hold your other gear as well. Try the American Kargo Turbo 2.0 Hydration Pack ($132) or the OGIO Dakar 100 Hydration Backpack ($88).

Dry Bags

If your motorcycle contains additional storage space or mounting points, or if you need to carry a larger motorcycle bag, a dry bag is the perfect option for you. Dry bags made from high-quality materials help to keep your personal belongings safe and dry, even in the harshest weather conditions. The team at Motorcycle-Licenses.com recommends the Bilt Explorer Dry Bag ($50), Nelson Rigg Adventure Dry Bag (price ranges between $71 and $98, depending on the size you choose) and the Givi WP400 40L Waterproof Bag ($95).

Pannier Cases

Another alternative to a traditional motorcycle backpack is a pannier case. Pannier cases are secure storage boxes that are available for attachment to the side of a motorcycle. Many riders like these hard case storage solution because some lock with a single key. The Givi Monokey Trekker Case holds either 33-liters ($323) or 46-liters ($337) and acts as a convenient and more comfortable alternative to a motorcycle backpack.

Tail Bags and Tank Bags

Tail bags and tank bags are other great storage bag options for motorcycle riders to choose. Attaching to the tail of the motorcycle, the Kriega US-20 Drypack ($139) is an excellent option for a tail bag, as well as the Sedici Veneto Trail Bag ($100). If a tank bag is a better choice for you, try the Sedici Como Tank Bag ($50) or the Bilt Expander Tank Bag ($30).

Helmet Bags

Your motorcycle helmet is an important piece of gear, as it protects your head from potentially life-threatening injuries. To protect your motorcycle helmet from scratches and damages, the team at Motorcycle-Licenses.com recommends purchasing a helmet bag like the Dowco Guardian Helmet Bag ($16) or the Bilt Helmet Bag ($15). The more protected your helmet is when it’s not in use, the longer it’ll last.