Safest Way to Buy a Used Motorcycle According to blog: Safest Way to Buy a Used Motorcycle According to

There are many benefits to purchasing a used motorcycle, especially if you’re new to motorcycling and you’re not sure if it’s something you’ll stick with in the future. If you purchase a used motorcycle at a good price and you end up not enjoying it, it’ll be less of a hassle for you to sell it and move on. Additionally, riding a used bike is a good idea until you get the hang of motorcycling. Throughout the process of learning how to ride a motorcycle, you’ll likely drop your bike or scratch it up quite a bit. If you practice riding on a brand-new motorcycle, you’ll likely end up denting it up before you even get a chance to show it off. For these reasons, purchasing a lightly used motorcycle is a smart choice. However, you shouldn’t buy just any used motorcycle, as a variety of safety precautions must be taken into consideration. To learn more about safely purchasing a used motorcycle, look at the useful information gathered by the expert team at

Buying Options

For motorcycle protection and warranty options, the team at recommends purchasing a used motorcycle from a reputable dealership rather than from a private party. Independent or franchised dealerships have a service department that can inspect the motorcycle on-site for any issues. Additionally, you’ll be able to take the motorcycle for a test drive. Furthermore, dealerships often include added motorcycle protection and warranties in case an issue arises after you purchase the vehicle. Certified pre-owned vehicles may even come with a full-service history.

If you’re not finding anything you like at a dealership, you can purchase a vehicle from a private party but you’ll need to take extra safety precautions. If you do choose to purchase a motorcycle from a private party, insist on taking the motorcycle to a dealership for an inspection before purchasing the vehicle. Look for single-owner motorcycles that come with full service records (VIN check), which gives you access to the motorcycle’s history including any accidents.

Do Your Research

Even if you’re anxious to purchase a used motorcycle and begin riding, the team at highly recommends that you take your time and consider your options before making the decision to purchase a used motorcycle. Look at several used bikes at dealerships, on motorcycle manufacturer websites and attend bike rallies to get a feel for the different options. Visit motorcycle blogs and forums to gather opinions and reviews from other motorcycle enthusiasts. Then, use vehicle valuation sources to help you research the market value of the motorcycle.

Test Drive the Motorcycle

Before you purchase a used motorcycle, the team at recommends taking the motorcycle for a test drive to ensure that the bike is within your experience level. Novice riders will want to stay away from high-performance bikes that are more difficult to operate. Additionally, smaller riders may feel uncomfortable riding in a large, bulky motorcycle that is too big for them. Test driving the motorcycle gives you the chance to ensure that the motorcycle fits your body type.

Inspect the Motorcycle

When viewing a used motorcycle, the team at recommends inspecting the motorcycle thoroughly before buying it. If you’re not confident in your mechanical skills, have a qualified mechanic inspect the motorcycle for you. While used motorcycles typically cost less up-front, you need to make sure that the bike doesn’t need extensive repairs and updates, which could end up costing you even more than the price of a new bike. Be sure to inspect the motorcycle’s tires, chain or belt, spark plug, battery, air filter, fluid levels, brakes, cables and lights.

Research the History of the Motorcycle

Before making an offer on a used motorcycle, perform a search on the motorcycle’s vehicle history. A vehicle history report will notify you of any safety recalls, hazards or complaints related to the make and model of that vehicle. Additionally, it is recommended that you request the motorcycle’s original title and registration if you purchase the used motorcycle from a private party rather than a dealership. If you purchase the motorcycle from a dealership, the dealership will assist you with the paperwork, making the process a whole lot easier for you.