6 Tips From Motorcycle-Licenses.com for Selling Your Motorcycle

motorcycle-licenses.com blog: 6 Tips From Motorcycle-Licenses.com for Selling Your Motorcycle

When the time comes for selling your beloved motorcycle, you’ll want to make sure that it’s going into the right hands and for the right price. Find out the best way to make that happen with these six tips from the experts at Motorcycle-Licenses.com. Follow the simple steps to ensure a smooth transition for your bike’s new destination.

Prep Your Motorcycle

First things first, you must clean your ride. This is your baby you’re parting with, so make it bright and shiny like the first day you laid eyes on it. Make potential buyers fall in love with the bike the same way you did by having it detailed and show-ready.

As a dedicated motorcycle owner, you probably consider yourself an expert mechanic and know all the tricks to giving your bike an annual checkup. However, the experts at Motorcycle-Licenses.com recommend having another set of eyes and hands on board to help make sure your motorcycle is in top selling condition. Go ahead and take your bike to a trusted mechanic shop to double check that it’s ready for action.

Research the Market

You have to give the people what they want, so make sure you know what your motorcycle is worth. Compare the condition, mileage and appearance of your bike to other similar motorcycles and write down how much those bikes are selling for. Make sure to take note of where these sales are most popular, as well. Location is key.

Choose the Selling Channel

Decide what the best road to take is for selling your motorcycle. If you feel comfortable with handling all the details such as, meeting potential buyers face to face and determining an acceptable price, then selling privately may be the route to take. However, the team at Motorcycle-Licenses.com does caution you to take into consideration the sharing of private contact information with unknown buyers.

If you’re not confident in your ability to sell your motorcycle for the best value, then going through a car dealer might be your best option. Selling to local or chain dealers is an effective path to take, as they have industry standards and pricing already calculated and ready to go.


If you choose to sell privately and take care of all the details yourself, then your next step is advertising the sale of your motorcycle. Remember when the experts at Motorcycle-Licenses.com recommended you clean your bike? It’s best to have attractive pictures from multiple angles showcasing the beauty of your ride so that potential buyers can see what a sweet deal they’re getting.

You can post pictures and specs online through different classifieds, or go traditional with fliers to post onto local community bulletin boards. Whichever medium you choose, just make sure to be open and honest. Buyers are aware they’re getting a used bike, so there’s no shame or use in hiding small dings and scratches. Besides, a well-used motorcycle indicates great adventures, which is what potential buyers are looking for.

Details, Details, Details

A picture says a thousand words, but at the end of the day, information is key. Make sure you have your bike’s main specifications listed in the ads and extra details at hand when speaking to a potential buyer. Some things buyers might want to know are:

  • Mileage (the number on the odometer).
  • Make, model and year of the vehicle.
  • Previous ownership, such as who has previously ridden the bike.
  • Accident history of the motorcycle.
  • Asking price and whether it is negotiable.

If you and/or your potential buyer are real experts, then you can also talk shop about the engine, how it drives, and specific parts or enhancements made over the years.

Test Ride

If selling through a dealer, a test ride is guaranteed and you have nothing to worry about. If selling privately, it’s at your discretion whether or not you want to let someone drive your bike before buying.

If you do let the potential buyer take it for a spin though, the Motorcycle-Licenses.com team recommends setting up a neutral meeting spot so as to keep your privacy safe and reducing the risk of someone stealing the motorcycle before it’s sold. It’s also suggested you have the buyer adhere to standard safety rules like wearing a helmet and proper riding attire to reduce liability. Most importantly, make sure the rider is qualified with the proper license and experience for driving a motorcycle.