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Appropriate footwear and motorcycle gear is essential for safely operating your motorcycle. Your motorcycle footwear may not seem like a big deal, but your feet and ankles need just as much protection as the rest of your body. Fortunately, there are many affordable footwear options available that provide motorcyclists with the ankle and foot support they need while riding a motorcycle. However, the experts at recommends that you stay away from riding shoes that look like regular sneakers or casual shoes they may look trendy, but are not heavy-duty enough to protect your feet and ankles while motorcycling. The best motorcycle shoes are durable, waterproof and as protective as possible without sacrificing comfort and flexibility. To learn more about the best shoes available for motorcycle riders, look below at the useful information gathered.

Forma Urban Touch Dry Shoes

If you’re looking for an athletic look without sacrificing quality and durability, the team at recommends the Forma Urban Touch Dry Shoes ($79). Not only are these motorcycle shoes affordable and durable, but they contain a rear reflective insert, a full-grain oil-treated leather outer material and a personalized forma drytex tubular lining for ultimate breathability and comfort.

Dainese Street Rocker D-WP

If you’re looking for shoes that work well on or off the bike, the team at recommends the Dainese Street Rocker D-WP Shoes ($209). Both protective and stylish, these shoes look and feel great when motorcycling or while walking around town. The waterproof and breathable lining makes these shoes perfect for wearing in nearly any weather condition.

Stylmartin Wave Boots

For a classier look, the Stylmartin Wave Boots ($255) feature wax-treated full-grain leather, a rugged sole with brogue detailing and a waterproof liner. Additionally, these shoes feature an anti-slip and oil-proof sole for added safety and protection while on and off the bike.

SIDI Gavia Gore-Tex Boots

If you’re interested in getting the biggest bang for your buck, the SIDIGavia Gore-Tex Boots ($250) may be the best choice for you. Featuring a synthetic leather upper construction, ultimate breathability and internal and external ankle protectors, these shoes allow for flexibility without sacrificing safety. Plus, these shoes offer extreme weather protection and a reflective panel for nighttime riding.

Rev’it Fairfax

If you’re looking for subtle foot and ankle protection that blends in with your non-riding outfits, the team at recommends the Rev’it Fairfax Shoes ($180). These fashionable shoes feature a thermoformed heel cup, toe cap and injected ankle cup for added riding protection. Plus, the shoes contain a reflective pull tab for maximum evening visibility.

TCX Rush WP Boots

The TCX Rush WP Boots ($130) are affordable, comfortable, durable and stylish. Made from a combination of soft microfiber materials and suede leather, these boots contain a waterproof lining, making them perfect for daily commuting or sport riding.

Joe Rocket Men’s Ballistic Touring Boots

Made from heavy-duty synthetic leather, the Joe Rocket Men’s Ballistic Touring Boots ($99) are water-resistant, feature molded toe armor and internally reinforced at the ankle, shin, heel and toe. At an affordable price, these boots are excellent for daily commuting or longer motorcycle rides.

Alpinestars S-MX 6 Boots

As a popular and affordable option for both track and street wear, the Alpinestars S-MX 6 Boots ($237) contain a durable microfiber material, added ankle protection and internal toe box protection. Additionally, these boots incorporate the latest advancements in performance footwear development and design.

Joe Rocket Speedmaster 3.0

If you’re looking for a leather boot that offers durability and protection without sacrificing comfort, the team at recommends the Joe Rocket Speedmaster 3.0 Boots ($251). Featuring a reinforced titanium ankle plate and injection molded heel, shin and ankle armor, these shoes offer protection and mobility, making them perfect for racing.

SIDI Crossfire 2 SRS Boots

As a higher-end but highly-durable and flexible option (ranging from $545 to $575) the Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots are made from a technomicromaterial that acts like leather, but contains more strength than leather and a lighter feel. The water-resistant material makes these boots easy to clean and protects them from tearing and abrasion.