5 Reasons Mototcycle-Licenses.com Recommends Riding a Motorcycle Instead of a Car

motorcycle-licenses.com blog: 5 Reasons Mototcycle-Licenses.com Recommends Riding a Motorcycle Instead of a Car

5 Reasons Mototcycle-Licenses.com Recommends Riding a Motorcycle Instead of a Car

Many people are resistant to the idea of using a motorcycle for reliable everyday transportation, but in many ways, motorcycles make more sense than cars. Although you can’t chauffeur your child’s soccer team on a cycle, most of us commute solo to work. The experts at Motorcycle-Licenses.com suggest giving serious thought to promoting your motorcycle from occasional weekend duty to being your everyday commuter. Continue reading to learn the most compelling reasons why.

Financial Benefits

The dollar is the first thing we tend to consider when weighing choices in life. Motorcycles use about half the amount of gas that cars burn through. If you think of the two-wheeled motorcycle as being half a car, you also realize that maintenance costs are lower because there are simply fewer parts that need replacing over time such as the number of tires to replace. Motorcycle engines are easier to access than car engines, which mean that it’s more feasible to learn how to do certain repairs yourself like replacing a battery or spark plug.

Traffic Tamers

If you’re lucky enough to live where lane splitting is legal, you already know how much time you can save riding a motorcycle versus sitting in a car in traffic. Lane splitting is when driving laws permit motorcycles to ride in the space between vehicles on multi-lane highways. Depending on where you live, that alone can cut your commute time in half. In addition, motorcycles only take up one-third the amount of parking space needed for a car. The experts at Motorcycle-Licenses.com state that you’ll save time and possibly more money parking a motorcycle instead of a car.

Environmental Health

Simply put, motorcycles are a greener choice of transportation. New bikes must meet more stringent environmental standards than in years past and they already have an advantage over cars because of their lower fuel consumption. Because motorcyclists rarely have to sit in traffic, their bikes emit fewer pollutants into the air we breathe. Motorcycles also provide less wear and tear on road surfaces, which translates into fewer times that local governments must pollute the environment with noisy and messy road repair work.


The Motorcycle-Licenses.com team realizes that you don’t often hear safety mentioned as a reason to choose a motorcycle over a car. After all, in the event of an accident, a car’s body and airbags provide protection that a motorcycle doesn’t. However, one of the leading causes of car accidents is falling asleep at the wheel, which is something that almost never happens on a motorcycle. The combination of wind, weather and noise can be unpleasant at times, but it does a great job of keeping the person at the handlebars awake and alert.

Mental Health

Science has long proven the mental health benefits of being outside. Natural sunlight and its vitamin D are mood-lifters because they boost levels of serotonin and other “feel good” hormones in the brain. The Motorcycle-Licenses.com team also notes that the act of riding a motorcycle can induce a state of mindfulness that lowers stress levels. Constantly monitoring one’s speed, balance, posture and road conditions leaves no mental energy for worrying about other things. Riding a motorcycle is a very “in the moment” type of activity that provides a welcome mental break from the pressures of daily life.